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Facing Past

For most of my life, I did everything I could to get further away from the place where I grew up. It was a source of endless embarrassment and shame. It was also in many ways my primary motivation to work harder, to make myself into something I would be proud of.


In my youth, I was always embarrassed to tell people where I am from. People are so quick to make judgments about others based on arbitrary divisions such as status, race, sexual preference, or any number of factors out of their control. My fear of these labels limited me in my desires to express myself, to love myself.

But is distancing myself from my past my own prejudice against myself?

This project was born out of a desire to return to the places I grew up after avoiding them for decades. It's a personal confrontation of shame, depression and trauma—but also a desperate attempt to capture a lost youth and memories long blocked from memory.